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Friday, October 31, 2014

If it's November, it must be Picture Book Month!

November can feel long and dark. It is nice to have a reason to fill the lengthening darkness with reading, which we all know allows us to explore ideas and travel worlds beyond the comfort of home. , November can also be filled with anticipation for the upcoming holidays, so it is nice to encourage students and families to slow down and read.  

This will be our fourth year celebrating Picture Book Month. This year, students in grades three, four, and five are challenging themselves to read a specific number of books from one of three neighborhoods in our library: picture book stories, picture book biographies, and nonfiction picture books. The students will keep track of their reading through a nightly reading log. Each week, they will add the number of books read to their library log. Students in grade two will take on a nonfiction picture book challenge. Students in kindergarten and grade one will participate in classroom challenges. Some fourth and fifth grade classes got a jump start on the month by checking out books for their challenges today. Circulation statistics looked like this:

Along with the reading challenges, the students will be creating projects for the books they are reading, finding ways to express why picture books are important, and sharing #picturebooklove with their Skype partners. If you are not sure how you can participate, here are ways we have celebrated in the past:

Capturing Reading with Posters: We are Picture Book Readers

How will you celebrate?

Not sure what to read? Use the these ideas!

How can I make this even better?Book Activities!
You can listen to stories, write about stories, and create art related to stories.

Don't forget your promo kit, it has all the documents and badges you need to get your community reading.

What are you waiting for? Register to celebrate!
Become a Picture Book Month ambassador!

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