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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Helping students take ownership for Responsible Community Technology Use

Acceptable Use Policy

We all teach it, but what do students learn?

We began our conversations about the AUP today by referencing our work building community character traits. We talked about having the courage to be the people we want to be. Talking about a policy about using computers acceptably seems to go against this work we've done. I wish the name were different. I would much prefer to have a Responsible Community Technology Use. It's a funny distinction, but I think it puts the onus on the students to have the courage to be the technology users they know they can and should be as opposed to thinking that they have to operate within restrictions placed by a teacher.  

I am not saying that there are not important aspects of our AUP that I think the students need to hear and need to understand. My job is to ensure that they are safe, responsible, respectful and kind users of and with technology. I am pretty firm on having the students understand that our technology is a shared resource and that they should think about the next person who might be using a device, app, or Website and ensuring that that student's learning experience is everything it should be.  

As part of this first lesson, the students signed these letters as a symbol that they understood the AUP.  I think the students get it, but I am not sure they own it, so for the next few weeks as we delve into Internet Safety and being digital citizens, I'm hoping to find ways to help them take ownership.

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