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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mix It Up... Just like my students

This morning, I happened upon 
three second graders reading Mix It Up...

(apologies for the audio...
you can hear that there was a lot of great reading going on around these girls.
Also...I did go back and show them the red and yellow experience.)

...and Press Here

by the talented Herve Tullet.

It was is if these girls knew of my afternoon plans, for I was going to read Mix It Up with my first grade students. 

I did read it and they loved it. Mix It Up holds the same magical allure of it's predecessor, Press Here. To make today's experience extra special, we began by reading Press Here. I love watching the students watching the pages change as little fingers press, tap, and rub dots, while other little hands shake and tilt the book. Let me just say that listening to 24 students vigorously clapping as dots grow larger brings this experience to a satisfying end.

All I needed to do was pick up Mix It Up and they were ready to go! This reading experience was just as magical. Expectant faces and eager hands led the way. I read the second half of the book without student assistance in the mixing and smudging. The two classes of second graders were in awe as they watched colors change. (I managed to be pretty slick with the page turns on the open and close the book commands).

After reading the book, the students went off to Mix It Up using the program Kid Pix. Check out there creativity:

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