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Monday, October 31, 2011

November is Picture Book Month

Let's Celebrate! Things will really be hopping around this library as we celebrate picture books.  We will: learn about some of our local authors; share what we learn about these authors; Skype with other students from a few libraries around the country; and, keep a tally of all the picture books we read as a community, because, amongst these and other activities, we will read a lot of picture books!

Picture Book Month is an international initiative to get November designated as Picture Book Month.  Started by author and storyteller, Dianne de Las Casas along with authors and/or illustrators Katie Davis, Elizabeth O. Dulemba, Tara Lazar and Wendy Martin, they hope to raise awareness of the power of picture books, which I believe is a great message whether you are old or young, or a new, emerging or experienced reader. Celebrate the picture book!   Learn More.
Here's one to get us started.

One Monday Morning by Uri Shulevitz
This was favorite of mine, so much so that I recently bought a copy.  It's based upon a French folk song.  A young boy's imagination leads him to a wonderful day where a king and queen (and their entourage) come to visit him.  Lyrical text and detailed illustrations, which capture the setting and the mood, combine to create an engaging reading experience.