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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Today it feels as if...

...winter is just around the corner.  Not to rush the seasons mind you, I love fall and I want a month more of light jacket and sweater weather, but good things lie ahead.

Which brings me back to today and why I am feeling conflicted.  I am at a conference this week and enjoying learning new things, yet it appears as if I will miss sharing the first few flakes of snow with my students.  Their anticipation and excitement is infectious (especially as this is one of my favorite events of the year as well)!  I welcome the new season with the same hope and expectations each year.  I hope there will be plenty of snow (when it is convenient) and the perfect weather to play in it.

In celebration (probably prematurely) of these expectations, I began to look for winter poetry.  Given that I am away from my library, I am lacking my best resource - my incredible poetry collection!  I did visit one of my favorite online resources for poetry, The Children's Poetry Archive, which not only has the printed poetry but also recordings of quite a few poets reading their own work.

Follow the links below to read the poems and then hear them read by the authors.  The poets give a brief history or explanation of their poems before they read them.  Enjoy!

Red Boots On by Kit Wright
Winter by Judith Nicholls

Here also is a link to Carol Hurst's winter themed books.
Carol Hurst

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