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Friday, October 14, 2011

Dot Thoughts

International Dot Day continues!  Students "Make their Mark!"

My 3rd grade students and I read the dot by Peter H. Reynolds. They discussed how they thought Vashti felt when she "opened her never-before-used set of watercolors and set to work."  As with the 1st and 2nd grade students, they readily identified with Vashti and easily made self to text connections.  It was once again heartening to witness their empathy and support for Vashti as well as their excitement at her self discovery.  With markers and paper, they set off to create Dot Thoughts, words to describe how Vashti was feeling.

The first movie is of students showing their Dot Thoughts. The second is of them making their Dot Thoughts.  Enjoy!

The Dot Thoughts

The Making of the Dot Thoughts

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  1. LOVE all the brave, happy, smart, thankful, inspired, good, nice, and courageous dots and dot creators! You did an awesome job!