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Monday, October 27, 2014

"I liked decorating the poster and helping the little kids learn about how to be safe on line."

"I learned about teamwork."

After designing, creating, and presenting their Internet Safety Posters, the fifth grade students reflected on their experience. I always learn a lot during the process, but the students' reflections give me insight and concrete data that helps inform future projects. We are all learners!

You can read about the project and see the posters on this blog post: If you follow these rules, you will be happy and safe.

If someone were to ask you what you learned, what would you tell them?

Internet safety


to listen to your group members, and their ideas

teamwork is important

I learned about teamwork

I learned how hard it is for everyone to have a part.

not a lot


group work and Internet safety

"team work"

don't go onto any ads


I would say it helped me learn about people getting bullied online and how to help people stop it and that i know i will never bully online or in real life.

I learned group work and that it's a lot easier to have everyone contribute (I did all the work in my group and it took a lot of effort. 

I really felt like my teammates were not sharing their ideas as much as they could have. 

don't know

I learned that lots of people get bullied online every day so I will never bully online 

I learned about Internet safety

how to present

Which part of the project was your favorite?
I love that their are many active verbs in their responses - designing, making, decorating, and presenting. I hope to see even more of this in future reflections!

Here are their actual responses:


making the poster

designing the poster

designing the poster

coloring the poster

making the poster

contributing ideas


designing poster and decorating pictures

reading your part of the poster and letting my buddies learn 



I liked decorating the poster and helping the little kids learn about      how to be safe on line.

designing the poster and coming up with ideas for my group.


working on the poster

making the poster


It's good stuff, right? Onward and upward!

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