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Friday, October 17, 2014

"Don't be mean or rude to people online, think before you type."

The Internet Safety project from the 3rd fifth grade classroom is finished! 
If you haven't seen them, here is classroom one and here is classroom twoThis class used the Tellagami App as a tool to express their knowledge.  Having watched the students working through the four different projects, I can see that each has its strengths. 

With this project, the students met as a group to write out a script for their Gami. 

This week, the students revisited those scripts, cleaned them up, and then recorded their Gami. 
I like that the Tellagami App requires the students to be concise. Each Gami can only be 30 seconds maximum. This particular project is a bit odd because I had the students work in groups with the one 30 second Gami. I was feeling pressed for time, but now that I have seen this project in action, I think they could each produce a Gami. I do like how some chose choral reading to make it not as odd that different voices are emanating from a single character. This does mean more editing for me, if I choose to drop them into one movie. *decisions, decisions*
Check out the 
Internet Safety/AUP videos:

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