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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Stay safe online by watching these videos

This is the Internet Safety and AUP project from the second fifth grade classroom. This classroom created Animoto videos (skip to the end to view the videos). To see how this lesson transpired and read the background, please visit this post: If you follow these rules you will be happy and safe.

The students had used Animoto for our biography project last year, I relied on that knowledge and a quick modeling of using the App to get them going.  As with all projects, the student spent time brainstorming what they would share and how they would share it. I had shown and talked about taking a picture with the iPad and including that in the video, as well as browsing the stock photos in Animoto. What transpired was jaw-dropping, inspiring, and reaffirming. 

As I walked around the library, I heard students sharing ideas, but even better brainstorming ways to to communicate those ideas, and when they couldn't find what they needed they created it. Students logged into their Google Apps accounts and opened Google Draw to create a sad face emoticon. Students launched our library Webpage to demonstrate how to get to resources. Students used the Google Apps login to model not sharing passwords. Students set up scenarios to photograph. I am often torn as to how much to model, how much to scaffold, and how much to define a project. This experience was incredibly reaffirming. The students didn't need me to do a lot of that, their ideas were much more creative. Any troubleshooting was easily done on a small group basis.

When the students came today, they cleaned up and finished their videos. 

I want them to introduce and explain what they think it successful about their videos, so they also worked out how they would present their movie, ensuring that each member had a speaking part. They will be presenting the videos to each other next Wednesday. At this time, they will evaluate their experience and their product.  I want to talk with them about music choices and speed of slide changes, but other than that, I am feeling like they understand how to communicate their messages.

They'll be presenting to their buddy class next Thursday. I also plan to use these with 3rd graders and then bookmark them on our browser for easy review!

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