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Saturday, November 19, 2011

We are Picture Book Readers!

Picture Book Month Posters Before
We have been having an wonderful time celebrating Picture Book Month in my school.  I decided to collect data on how many picture books students read for one week.  I delivered posters to each of my 19 classrooms on Monday morning, November 14th and picked them back up on Friday the 18th.  I asked only that the students and teachers place a sticker on the poster for each picture book they read, either at home or at school.  As I was picking up posters, I had quite a few teachers ask me to repeat this poster challenge.  They loved the way the students took responsibility for the poster and their reading.  I also had two 3rd grade teachers express surprise and delight at the impact on the classroom picture book collection.  One of them asked me to take a look at the complete disarray of the book shelves as an indicator of their use.  The other teacher said she loved hearing the students asking to read during any free time as well as hearing them talking about the picture books they were reading (an even more wonderful outcome!).  I think I will posters for other reading challenges...poetry, biography, history.....

Take a look at our readers!

Five days
a poster and some stickers
avid readers
Awesome and Impressive!
Picture Book Month Posters After....
This K class got creative with their stickers!
This 3rd grade class took the challenge seriously!

These 2nd graders showed ingenuity...run out of stickers?  No problem!
I love the way this teacher modified the poster! What a great way to see the growth and impact!

4th grade picture book readers!

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