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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Best quotes on a Friday in November

I know our Picture Book Month is going well because my parent volunteer shared this with me:

"Ms. Reed, do you know you are making a huge impact on my children's lives? My third grader came home the other day. She was so excited as she told me about picture books, she shared that "yes! do you know that there are picture books for third graders? I can still read picture books. There are ones just for my age!"

I always hope that my love of what I "do" carries through my teaching, today I am thinking that maybe it does (on most days);  and, I am not sure if I should feel excited or wary, but a young couple I met after school, shared this (after I had chatted their ears off regarding children's literature, blogging, technology and school libraries):

"I can't believe we are learning about technology from someone who is twice our age!"

Ha! I'll just finish by saying, age is just a state of mind. 

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  1. How wonderful is that?! Imagine... picture books for a third grader. We need to make more children feel that picture books are for everyone!

    Dianne de Las Casas
    Founder, Picture Book Month