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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Have Flip, Will Travel

"School Librarian in the Hallway" a la "Man on the Street"

I am planning on adding a feature to my blog where I ask students to define a word or share what they think it means.  I am envisioning something informal.  I am hoping it will be a way to get students interested in, think about and have fun with language.  I literally walked up to students as they were entering the school building and asked them if I could film them talking about a word.  I explained that I would ask them what they thought a word meant and reassured the students that they did not need to know the definition or meaning, but that they should try and see if they could tease it out.  My first attempts are very rough, again the sound quality is not great and I will think more about framing my subjects, but take a look and listen and tell me what you think!

(After a bit of a battle with Blogger today, I am inserting this video as a link!)

Collaboration is...

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  1. Great kids and great idea - please, please continue! And I love the informality of it - that adds to the wonderfulness.