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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wisdom from Willems

This is an easy pick for Picture Book Month!

"Well, what do you know, thought Alligator. Books do beat boredom."  In Hooray for Amanda & Her Alligator!, Mo Willems delivers this great message as well as some other very important ones.  In six and one half "surprising stories," Amanda and her alligator learn quite a bit about friendship; and, in typical Willems fashion, the stories are told with humor and love.  Willems appreciation for and understanding of friendship and childhood are apparent in each of his books.  This one's no exception. 

Not surprisingly, Mo Willems has an informative, interactive and engaging Website.  Visit Mo Willems' Website to learn more about his books, dance with Elephant and Piggie or help Naked Mole Rat get dressed.

Picture books are best when shared, but they can't always be shared. Willems' books offer a shared reading experience right within the pages; the interactive nature of the writing and the engaging characters draw the reader in; and, even more importantly, enable the reader to become part of the action.  There's a good reason these books don't stay on the library shelves.  Not only are they fun to read, but also readers are readily able to identify with the characters and the situations.   By the way, it is not just the children who identify with Willems' books...I think I'll wear my Pigeon tee-shirt tomorrow!

So in celebration of Picture Book Month, celebrate wonderful friendship books by checking out a book by Mo Willems! 

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