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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Readers are Thinkers

"I think Vashti was brave when she opened her 'never-before-used set of watercolors' because she didn't think of her self of an artist.  She was taking a risk. You have to try things and not just say 'No, I can't do that.'"
     ~4rd Grade Student

Students make connections to, with and through literature at levels far above their age.  Over the past eight years, I have heard incredibly insightful and interesting comments.  There are often a number of students ready to share their connection, but even on the days when I feel I have reached too far, there is inevitably that one student, in every class, who raises her or his hand and shares something beautiful and insightful; something that makes me smile and in some crazy way gives me hope.  Readers are thinkers.  Here's my thinking, "As long as we have readers in our society we will be okay!"

I do try, in my teaching, to allow everyone the time to reflect on a reading passage or book prior to the group share, either by having the students "turn and talk" or have a "knee to knee" discussion.  This time enables those (like me!) who need that time to gather their thoughts.  The days I feel too squeezed for time or am remiss and forget to give the students time to reflect, they still continue to amaze me with their thoughtfulness.

I have been reading The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds with students this fall.  It is one of those books that elicits thoughtful and inspiring comments.  (see earlier posts: International Dot Day, Dot Day and Dot Thoughts).

Here are a few of my students reflecting on The Dot. Will you be hearing beautiful, insightful, inspiring comments?  You bet.
(I have been wielding my flip camera and digital camera pretty freely, so excuse the video and audio quality.)

These readers are thinkers!

Celebrate Picture Book Month with a great book and see where it takes you (just like your "mark").  Thank you Peter H. Reynolds! 


  1. I love these awesome thinkers!! This is such a great project and I love each individual thought that makes the theme of the book come alive.

    Thank you for sharing this! Keep reading!

  2. Ann Koufman-FrederickNovember 16, 2011 at 1:45 PM

    The students (and teachers) are so thoughtful and creative. Thank you for sharing your dots, and I know you will continue to make your mark...and keep thinking and reading.

  3. I LOVE this, esp. the flip segment. Ohmygosh! And I so appreciate what you said about some people needing more time to form their thoughts.