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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Leaf No Page Unturned!

+ Student Creativity
+ Tagxedo.com
= Amazing Messages About Reading

I was so excited by what the students created 
I have added my own titles.
Caution: questionable puns ahead!

Leaf No Page Unturned

Reading: It's a Whale of a Time

Readers Shoot for the Stars

 Promote Peace: Read Picture Books

 Start Readers off on the Right Note

Dive into Picture Books

 Reading is Presidential

Read Across America

We're Batty for Picture Books

It's a Rosy Picture (Book World)

 Reading: It's the Key to Knowledge

 Check Mate

Picture Books: The Original Rock Stars

Be Worldly Wise: Read Picture Books

Reading: Your Patriotic Duty

About the lesson:
I demonstrated a number of tools -- Wallwisher, Weebly, Wordle and Tagxedo -- and then sent the students off to share their passion for reading and picture books.  It was interesting to see the students choose their tools.  Most opted to use Tagxedo, but not all.  There were still quite a few who chose to have a conversation on the Weebly blog and/or leave notes on our Wallwisher Wall.

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