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Monday, November 26, 2012

Kevin Hawkes is exxspiering!!!

Kevin Hawkes recently visited my school and according to one first grader, "He is exxspiering!!!"  Yes, I find him inspiring as well. (Not expiring  thankfully, he is in very good health and will be with us for a long while yet!)

Kevin Hawkes is a wonderful author/illustrator to have visit.  He is a source of wisdom and knowledge, in many ways, but on this particular visit, he channeled wisdom from his eight-year-old son.  When asked, "If you had three mouths what would you do?"  His son's answer was something to the effect of, "Eat candy, drink soda and eat popcorn."  When asked for other ways it might be useful, his son's response was, "You could sing in three part harmony." I cannot wait to see this story when it is published...

Here's a peak into our recent visit:
A visit by Kevin Hawkes is always full of wisdom, laughter, practical tips and lots of sketching.

*Illustrating stories calls for an active and creative imagination.*
*When you create your pictures, 
think about the personality of the character.*
Now, close your eyes and picture this...
What image popped into your head?
*Keep a sketch book and draw a character many times.*

*Anytime you put two characters on a page you have a story.*
*Stories answer, "What if..."*
*Sometimes the bigger the problem, the funnier the solution.*
*Think about where you want the observer to look first.*

Does this visit resonate with the students and have a lasting impact on their creativity, writing and drawing?  
Yes, and here's how I know:
~~Circulation of books he has written or illustrated has stayed         steadily strong since his visit.
~~The students are quoting him,"Hi!  Howwaya?"
~~The classroom teachers are using his ideas and inspiration as writing prompts.
~~Two weeks after the visit this structure was built:
~~and, the students had this to say: 

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