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Friday, November 23, 2012


Grade 5 Book Trailers 
What a Way to Celebrate Picture Book Month!

For the past few weeks, the 5th graders have been exploring and creating picture book trailers.

Julius, Baby of the World

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Alexander and the Horrible No Good Very Bad Day
The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
Another Important Book

There is some learning to be done, 
but I am really excited about this foray into book trailers!

The skinny on this mini-unit?

Week One
The students were shown an exemplar book trailer, an exemplar story board for the book trailer and then sent off to find a favorite picture book.  The students worked in pairs, after some brainstorming and negotiation they sat down with the chosen book to create the story board.  

Week Two
The next visit had the students establishing the organizing tools for the trailers - folders and a bibliography template -- and then searching in Creative Commons - Flickr to find photographs.  

Week Three
The final day involved an exploration of  Animoto and the fun of putting the pieces together.  

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