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Monday, November 21, 2016

First Grade Information Gatherers: questions lead to answers which lead to more questions

The first grade researchers are in the library! I love this first exploration into gathering information. 

This is a collaborative project with the classroom teacher.  The students come to the library or I go to their classroom. The students listen to articles in PebbleGo and Encyclopedia Britannica as well as explore the print resources. Several parent volunteers help make this project a success.

The information gathering packet is fairly traditional. 

A few years ago, the teacher and I added the page that I think is important, it asks the students to think about their own questions, especially those that may have arisen during their reading. I hope they get the message that questions and information gathering never really ends.
There is plenty here to keep these researchers busy!

Want to see what this project has looked like in the past? First Grade Information Gatherers

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