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Thursday, November 3, 2016

"I like to read picture books because they open up my mind"

This week the third graders answered a brief survey about their reading interests. 

Why do you enjoy reading books from this neighborhood?
I can't help it. I love making Wordles. Clearly, the students find the books in their favorite neighborhoods, fun, interesting and funny.

I enjoy reading books from this neighborhood...
because they are fun to read
because I like made up things
Because I like the funny books in it like Scaredy Squirrel and The Day the Crayons Came Home
mercy watson
because they are fun to read
Because i like learning things
because it teaches me about other people
Because I like to learn about famous people and their life
they are not real
more action
it is fun to look at the pictures
books in a series have more action
I like to learn
because of the pictures
the pictures help you understand the story
because diary of a wimpy kid in this neighborhood
i like to do some books that show me how to do something
i like to lean about things
to make mental images in my mind
because when your done with the first book you can read the second
I like to see the colorful pictures
because i love cooking.
They tell me about things I want to know and I also want to save the Amazon Rainforest when I grow up and it tells me about animals and plants.
because you can read lots of the same series
I like series books because I like action.
because you get more information
Because I like animals
I like to read picture books because they open up my mind
This quick survey also gave me an opportunity to get a better understanding of how the students use the library.

Most students are making the connections between Destiny, our library catalog, and the spine label stickers and call number stickers on the books. Still more work to do here regarding title.

A call number is like ....
I left this question open ended on purpose, so put the results into a Wordle and can see that more students have made the connection that a call number is like an address for the book. I still have work to do here though.

Stay tuned! I am making new graphics for teaching and learning about location and access. 

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