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Monday, November 21, 2016

Girls on the Run...Promote Reading

The Girls on the Run program uses my library as a base camp. They can meet for their discussion as well as leave their gear inside on a rainy day I love this because it gives me an opportunity to see my students in a different environment. Also, when I am free, I get to run with them!

There is a service component to the program and, lucky me, the girls chose the library as the recipient of their time and talent! The girls and I spent time last week sharing ideas for projects. They came up with two themes - library signs and book promotions.

Today was their work day. The girls started to work on a new bulletin board that promotes reading. They made these book marks and book hook cards: 

The girls also made new shelf talkers for the wonder wall or nonfiction neighborhood.

The girls also made new series bin signs.

Our library is looking so much better thanks to their time and talent!

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