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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

ReedALOUD: We Found a Hat

The existential hat journey continues! Jon Klassen finishes the trilogy in classic Klassen style with with We Found a Hat
Were we expecting answers? Of course not. Were we expecting another book that would get us thinking? Of course we were!
I am eager to read all three stories with my second graders and have them react/reflect/respond. I would love to know what these students think happens after the last page, taking advantage of that emotional and imaginative space that Jon Klassen leaves for readers' imaginations. That will have to wait though. Today, my kindergarten students and I read We Found a Hat.
This hat story is presented in three chapters. This format adds to the story arc. It also puts emphasis on the time of day and this is a day that I would like to be a part of! Not only are these turtles best friends, they are partaking in some of my favorite activities: exploring nature, watching a sunset, and sleeping under the stars. This is a perfect day in my books! Klassen uses a color palate that perfectly captures the mood of and moments in the story. What stands out is that incredible sunset. It is serene and stunning. 

A dilemma ensues. Two friends. One hat. 

They decide to leave it where they found it.
But... one friend is having a hard time not thinking about that hat.
Those eyes are glued to that hat. 

What will they do? I don't know, but my kindergarten students have some fabulous ideas.

If fan art is any indication, my kindergarten students completely understood the importance of those eyes.

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