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Monday, November 23, 2015

First Grade Information Gatherers

My first graders are learning about research by gathering information - the "do" stage of the Super 3 research process, Plan, Do, Review. Here's what first grade information gatherers look like:

After gathering information, the students were invited to add their own wondering questions and to try to answer those. Here are some of their wondering questions:
Bess Beetle
Why are they black?
What is the life cycle?
Why do they eat meat?
Why do they eat smaller bugs?

What are its predators?
How many legs?
What is their habitat?
I wonder if they have 750 legs?
Do centipedes and millipedes eat the same thing?
How many legs?
How fast?
How many eggs do they lay?

Tenebrio Beetle
Why can it not live in Antarctica?
Why does it have stripes?
Why cant they live in Antarctica?

Pill Bug
How long do pill bugs live?
How many body parts?
Do they walk fast?
Do they eat other pill bugs?
Do they eat flowers?
How slow do they walk?

What does a cricket do when they are mad?
What is a cricket’s life cycle?
What do they do in the day?
How do they fly?
Why do crickets have to be black and brown?

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