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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Grade Four Mock Caldecott Initial Rankings

The fourth graders made their preliminary ranking of our Mock Caldecott titles. After ranking the books one to seven, with seven being the book they think best met the Caldecott criteria, the students explained their thinking behind their number one choice.  I wanted to get them thinking about how to explain their choices as they will be in small group discussions next week. 


How did your number one book best meet the criteria?

I love the way  the book's pictures show the mood of the story like if a person is sad I would know that they were sad with it being said in the text.
I think Finding Winnie best meets the criteria, the illustrations are beautiful!
I think Finding Winnie has a great appeal
Finding Winnie has really good illustrations.
Leo a ghost story doesn't have the most detailed  pictures but the style fits really well.
I think Finding Winnie best meets the criteria because the illustrations are excellent,  appropriate,  they help tell the story, and they will appeal to children.
I think Finding Winnie is a good book because it has good illustrations.
Finding Winnie because the illustrations are great and it will appeal to children
because Finding Winnie had terrific illustrations and would appeal to a children audience
I like the illustrations.  They are cute and the characters are interesting.  I think this book would appeal to children.
I think that My Pen best met the criteria because I think that it is so amazing that you can make such great, rich illustrations and shadow with just one pen.
I think Finding Winnie is a really  great book. It has illustrations that really help tell the story. I think this book would appeal to a child audience as much as it appealed to me.
I think that Finding Winnie best meats the criteria because it would appeal to a young audience. the illustrations are amazing.  
The illustrations did the best job of telling the story.
colors were awesome
It met the criteria because it was a very cute book and also funny.
The book meet the criteria because the drawings were very helpful.
I like how the is alone then finds a friend.
Lenny And Lucy best meets the criteria because all the pictures express what the theme of the page is.
I like how it meets the appeal, and without the pictures you could not understand any of the story. I think it would be better if the story went a little longer, or if the dark woods tried to come into the house
I think the illustrations meet the text.
The appeal to children.
I think that Lenny and Lucy met the criteria  because the color of the pictures matched with the mood and theme of the story.
I think the color matches the activity going on in the book.
I think the technique is excellent and it helped me understand the book.
It is pretty cool that Christian Robinson can make other colors out of blue and white
you can really see that the girl is having a hard time giving away her most favorite things, and then at the end someone wanted to sell her then her parents told her they would never sell her then it was okay to sell her things because she had her parents. So there is a lesson in this story, worry about what you have not what you don't.
Finding Winnie
The illustrations were excellent.
The illustrations were great and the technique was beautiful
The illustrations helped me understand the book.
Finding Winnie best met the criteria because the pictures really matched the story and the illustrator choose a very good style
The woods seemed to get less scary as the story went on, which made sense. The grey with a couple of other colors really fit in, and I LOVED the book!
I think that the pictures were really important in Finding Winnie.
My number one book was number one because I loved the way the author made things disappear and re-appear because Leo was a ghost and the appeal was great
I think Finding Winnie is a heart touching book that meats all the criteria!!!!
The illustrations and the choice of words were excellent
I think that Finding Winnie is a great book because the illustrations help tell the story.
how the book met the criteria was that the pictures described the feeling of the book
I just thought the pictures matched perfectly.
I think the technique was great.
I thought the illustrations told a lot more about the story
Finding Winnie met the criteria best because the illustrations were important and the book really appealed to me. The colors really matched the mood!
The illustrations are really perfect, they math the mood, the pictures are really important to the understanding the story, and they appeal to children.       

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