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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Reader's Reflect: The Boy on the Porch

Today when a student came into the library eagerly holding The Boy on the Porch and asking if Sharon Creech had continued Jacob's story, I first had to tell her, "No," because, to my knowledge, Sharon has not written another book about Jacob. Second, I asked her to capture her excitement about the book. She sent me this:

The Boy On The Porch
By:Sharon Creech

In The Boy On The Porch  the author does an amazing job of making the reader engage in the book by not telling answers. For example, she doesn't  tell you how old Marta and John are, but she lets you decide what that answer is. Also, she does a great job of telling the true meaning of the book. Jacob could not speak but he still tapped to communicate with others such as Marta, John, and Lucy. Jacob can teach all of us a life lesson. He taught me how to make life more fun by doing less and how if you have a struggle you can always overcome it. Jacob makes me think about how lucky I am to have all of the love and support  I have. He also makes me see how if you don't have a lot of support or abilities that some people have, you can become a better person. It is incredible how Jacob can get through almost anything without talking just tapping and painting. His painting abilities help him express his feelings and emotions. This book made me want to keep reading but sadly there was not another book in the series. I absolutely loved and enjoyed reading this book.

I too love this book. You can read my reaction on this blog post.

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  1. What a thoughtful reader. Please send my loverino . . . xx