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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

"A picture book helps grow your imagination." ~2nd Grader

We're starting our Picture Book Month Celebrations. Today my second graders explored two questions, "What is a picture book?" and "Why are Picture Books Important?"

Here's what they had to say:

A Picture Book is...

...a book that has pictures

... a book that can be wordless

...different from a chapter book, which has mostly words

...a story with a lot of pictures, details, and pictures that match the words

...a book that has pictures on almost every page and fewer sentences on each page

...a quicker book to read

...a book that has images in color most of the time

...a smaller book

...a book with words and pictures

... a shortish book that is in color and has pictures

...an alternative to chapter books

We should celebrate picture books because...

...they are fiction and nonfiction

...they make your imagination go wild

...they are not all the same

...you can use the pictures to tell the story

...there are more pictures and fewer words

....there can be fun language and the words can look like pictures

...picture books don’t always don’t have to have words because the pictures always tell stories

...the pictures books are fun to read and relaxing

...they can teach you things

...sometimes they are more fun and sometimes shorter if you have less time

...you can read the pictures

...they help children read to learn bigger books

...there are challenging words that you can learn through picture books

...they grow your imagination

...they have been around for a long time

...they are books for all readers

...they provide reading experiences for all children

...they are different from other books

...picture books have information in the pictures

...it’s fun to read them, look at the pictures, and think about how the illustrator made them

...the pictures tell you a lot about the subject

Yeah, this just about sums it up.  

Happy Picture Book Month! 

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