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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bridging the Home-School Connection with Picture Book Month

Many of my families will remember the heavy backpacks and satchels that accompanied their children home last year, when students took on a picture book reading challenge. Many will also likely remember their own sore backs from committing countless hours ensuring there were books to check out by checking in and shelving over 6,000 books. 

As much fun as last year was, this year we are changing it up. In school, the students are celebrating the picture book by participating in a Mock Caldecott unit where they use the same criteria as the actual Caldecott Committee to evaluate a set number of picture books.  Using the Caldecott criteria, the students will rank the books in early December.

At home, during the week of November 16th, I hope families will have fun celebrating the picture book in the following way:

Monday, November  16th
Each Person in the family (that is able) should choose a favorite picture book from their home bookshelves to revisit and read. If they feel like sharing those titles, they can do so on this form.

Tuesday, November 17th
Each person should take turns finishing this sentence:

Picture books are…

The answer can be one word or several words. If they feel like sharing their responses, they will do so on this form.

Wednesday, November 18th
Family members will share a family experience (funny or serious, happy or sad) that they think would make a good picture book.

Thursday, November 19th
Family members will answer this question, “Why are picture books important?” If they feel like sharing their answer, they can do so using this form.

How are you celebrating Picture Book Month?

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