"I have always imagined that Paradise will be some kind of library." ~ Jorge Luis Borges

Friday, September 5, 2014

Wherein 5th Graders Reflect on Their Library Experience....

When you think about the Mason-Rice Library, what is the first word that comes to mind?

When thinking about the library program, please finish this sentence: I discovered that...

"reading can be awesome and librarians aren't all boring because some will even quote Pitch Perfect with you."

"library is not all about being quiet. ;) Also, there are many cool online learning tools!"

"Making Animoto videos is fairly easy"

"you can find out a lot of stuff by reading a book!!"

"how libraries are more than just books on shelves."

"there are helpful tools such as Animoto."

"reading can be fun"

"how (not THAT) to use common crafts and Animoto."

"learning is fun."

"there are many good books"

"books are fun to read"

"the library rocks!"

"you can do lots of stuff with books"

"the books in the library are great! and fun to read"

"you don't only browse and borrow."

"You could find New books in the library, and either check them out or read the first chapter then buy it (what I do)."

"We do more than read books. We do different projects."

"you can use technology in ways I didn't expect."

"I discovered that the library could use tech I never knew about."

"you can share books in many different ways"

"you can search library books on-line"

"I discovered that going to the mason rice library is A LOT of fun because we always have interesting projects to do"

"school libraries are good too! not just public and private libraries!"

"reading can take you on many adventures. Also not only my reading level books are good."

"I like realistic fiction the best."

"I discovered what the Dewey decimal system is"

"books can help with anything"

"we never have enough time to browse and borrow"

"library isn't just books, It has a lot of technology."

"There's a lot of technology"

"library isn't only about reading"

"books are exciting and can take you to new places"

"reading can take you on any adventure whether it's informative or thrilling due to the wide variety of genres."

"destiny is very helpful for finding books"

"You can find so many things"

"books take me in."

"books can take you on journeys"

"I found that there's a lot of good books out there."

"they are books for everyone"

"I discovered that there are so many authors' whose books are amazing but I haven't heard of them."

"there are many different call numbers"

"There are so many more books than I thought!"

"a library is more then just books!"

"there are a lot of good authors that I thought wouldn't be that good but were actually very good."

"there are many, many different ways to find books and study them which makes writing essays etc. easy."

"I discovered that books are more than reading material, they're an adventure."

"not all libraries have to be silent"

"a lot more authors that I have never heard of."

"anything is possible when reading or writing."

"You would borrow a lot of books"

"I like reading A LOT more than I thought."

"books are friends."

"books are more fun to read than before"

"you shouldn't judge a book by its cover"

The end of the school year was a bit too hectic for my taste. So much so, that this blog post got lost in the shuffle. I'm not that upset about it though, it was poignant to look back at what these students said and it makes me excited for what lies ahead for this year's students. 

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