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Friday, September 12, 2014

We've launched into our learning journey on PLANET KINDERGARTEN

The kindergarten students and I met for the first time this week. What better way to launch our learning journey than by reading Planet Kindergarten, written by Sue Ganz-Schmittillustrated by Shane Prigmore, and published by Chronicle Books.
You can read more about the book on this post:A First Read Aloud for First Graders.  Planet Kindergarten is a perfect book for beginning kindergarten students and those who are young enough to remember the experience of showing up at kindergarten on the first day. Don't be mislead, this story is enjoyable for all readers - humor abounds in this celebration of one child's imagination - but my first graders last week, and now kindergartners this week, loved this book.
Both text and illustrations engaged this young crowd. (Not once did I need to help a student re-center him or herself.) The kindergarten students were four days into their school year -- close enough to remember that first day, but far enough away to be past some of the jitters. They completely got the analogy and connected with this young boy.
After reading the story and engaging in a brief conversation, I told the students how excited I was to blast off on a new learning journey with them. I asked them to draw a picture of themselves to add to our rocket ship.  Oh.My.Word. I love these little people and I have just begun getting to know them.

Watch out, we're blasting off to 
Planet Kindergarten 
and a year of learning!

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