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Friday, September 19, 2014

Another #dotday creating communities outside of our four walls

We are continuing our week-long International Dot Day celebration. We have been connecting with learners in other parts of the country all week. Today, we read The Dot with students in Indiana, Texas, Iowa, and Georgia.

You can read about each day of our week: MondayTuesdayWednesday, Thursday, and now...today, Friday.  Today was another day of creating communities outside of our four walls. Many of the connections today are just the start of year-long learning communities.

We began by connecting with Sherry Gick's students in Indiana. As with all the Skype visits this week, the students shared information about their respective schools and classrooms, but we moved beyond that and started asking additional questions. The give and take was great. The students then shared their projects. Here are some examples:

The next class to connect had the same great experience of moving beyond the school facts and getting to know about each other's communities and interests, this time it was my 5th graders with Shawna Ford's 6th grade students in Texas.

The next Skype visit connected my 5th graders with Kathy Schmidt's 5th graders in Georgia. This Skype visit followed the same awesome pattern of the previous two. There was much sharing of dots and more!

Another of my 4th grade classes connected with Alyssa Calhoun's 4th grade students in Iowa. After learning about each other's communities, they shared dot-inspired bookmarks and then we shared our dot-inspired messages.

The only glitch in a week with 22 Skype visits occurred with the last class of the week. We plan to connect next week instead.

The other project that will have to wait until next week is uploading all of the Dot-inspired Gami videos that the 4th graders made. Stay tuned!

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