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Sunday, September 7, 2014

"I am a good reader and I am good at working with others."

With one week of school under our belt, we are starting to talk about our library learning community. I decided to try something different this year. In an effort to give every student a voice in our conversation, I created a Google Form with three questions. Their answers to these questions will be a starting point for our discussions this week.

Here is what they told me:

Please finish this sentence: We are a community of...

I dropped their answers into Wordle. It's a bit hard to read the smaller words, but I am pleased to see words like: creators, workers, sharers, thinkers, coders, and dreamers amongst their responses. I hope that these words will be larger when we revisit this question in the spring.

I made the next two questions optional, but explained that their answers would help make our learning environment better and help make me a better teacher and learner.

What strengths do you bring to our learning community? How can you contribute?

"writing and reading and lots of courage"

"I am good at reading"

"I am good at using the technology"

"my nerdyness."


"honest questions"

"I will listen to everyone and to their ideas."

"I read fast and work well with groups."

"I am very good at using the computers at library."

"I think I am a great thinker"

"my ideas and use of words"

"I think I am a great reader"


"I am a good learner. I also am good at brainstorming."

"I can listen to other peoples ideas"

"by being quiet and not talking when not supposed to"


"Listening and raising my hand"

"keeping the shelves neat" 

"I help when others need help"

"by being quiet"

"helping others"

"suggesting books to other readers"

"I like to read"

"I like writing"


"I am a good reader"


"I LOVE to read"


"I bring good reading strengths."

"I love reading and am a good listener"

"I'm a great reader."

"I love to read a lot"

"I Love to read"

"I am a good reader and I am good at working with others."

"I can help describe books and what they mean"

"I can contribute by helping around the room and to help others when needed."

"keeping the library full."

"I am a good listener"

"working together"

"reading and  technology"

"I can bring strength in reading lots of books"

"I try to bring strength to everyone when it comes to reading."

"I can help with technology"

"I am good at reading."


"I am good at reading"

"I am a good reader"

"I am good at using the technology"

"my nerdyness."


"honest questions"

"my ideas and use of words"

"I can listen to other peoples ideas"

"I will listen to everyone and to their ideas."


"By helping others"

"I think i am really good at technology and figuring technology out like fixing  
iPads, computers for example if a iPad does not work i can make it work or save battery."

"I am good at reading."

"reading aloud and independently"


"arts and crafts and reading"

"One of my strengths is I am a very good reader"

"good at coding and a good at reading"

"I am good with computers.I can help / cx;.lQ"

"I think I'm good at art, math(though i don't like it!), and reading."

How can our library learning community support you as a learner?

"listening when the teacher is talking"

"being nice"

"when we cooperate."

"by raising our hands"

"being quiet"

"if people raise their hands"

"to listen"

"more books"

"It can help me learn words"

"It inspires me"

"Easier to find books"

"More browsing and borrowing time instead of all the talking."

"everyone contributes"

"explain what we are doing"

"People can be quiet so everyone can learn"

"They can be patient and be supportive of my ideas."

"minimize rug time unless read aloud"

"not tease me and go at your own pace"

There is plenty of good information for me to digest here.  As I have said in the past, children impress me with their honesty and willingness to share.  I am looking forward to our conversations this week.

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