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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

School Librarian of the Year Award

This is exciting! 

 There is now a 
School Librarian of the Year Award!
"SLJ is pleased to present the first School Librarian of the Year Award, in partnership with sponsor Scholastic Library Publishing. This inaugural award identified one winner and two finalists from a robust pool of 92 applicants."

This article in the September 2014 issue of School Library Journal gives an overview of the award and it's winners.

And the winner is...

Meet Michelle Colte, the worthy winner of the School Librarian of the Year Award.  Michelle does a fabulous job of both creating a program and a community that serves a unique population on one of the Hawaiian Islands. Her story in wonderful.

And the two finalists are...

Meet Andy Plemmons, teacher librarian extraordinaire from Georgia. 

A special congratulations to you, Andy! 
Disclaimer: I have met Andy and he's a really nice person, so I am glad to see him receive this award. My students and I have also connected with Andy and his students for various global literacy initiatives and it is always fun and informative. I am also hoping to connect around some MakerBot projects this year. 

Meet Colleen Graves, teacher librarian extraordinaire from Texas.

I am glad that a middle school librarian has been recognized. This can be a hard population to serve (depending upon school schedules) and it sounds like she has created a learning commons that attracts both teachers and students.

Congratulations to these three school librarians!

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