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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Make a connection and see where it takes you...

We are continuing our week-long International Dot Day celebration. We have been connecting with learners in other parts of the country all week. Today, we read The Dot with students in Maine, Connecticut, Maryland, and Vermont.

You can read about each day of our week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and now...today, Thursday.  Just when I think we've hit the pinnacle of our experiences, my students, and the students we connect with virtually, go an amaze me once again.

Our day began with Cathy Potter's fourth grade students in Maine reading ISH to my second graders.

My next class of second graders connected with Carol Scrimgeour's second graders in Vermont. The students spent time getting to know each other, part of which was exploring a map of New England to see how long it would take to travel between our schools. We then took turns reading pages of The Dot and discussing the story. 

The second graders have been making their mark all week on these two dots.

My next class was fifth graders. We connected with Matthew Winner's fifth grade students in Maryland. The students spent time on introductions and then shared Dot Day trading cards and Dots that they had created. This proved to be the start of something meaningful and I hope we can connect them again soon.

The last next class of fifth graders connected with Jenny Lussier's second grade students in Connecticut.  My students read to hers.  I am grateful for this opportunity that my students had to be readers. They loved this role.

 The afternoon was spent with fourth graders preparing Dots for tomorrow's Skype visits. The students created Dots, took photos with the iPads, and then uploaded them to Telligami and talked about their dots. This project will be up soon!


  1. What kind of microphone are your students using?

  2. It is the microphone that came with our Topcat sytem.