"I have always imagined that Paradise will be some kind of library." ~ Jorge Luis Borges

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Slice of Life: Sometimes all it takes is time

Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes to lift my mood, sometimes it takes a few hours to shift my perspective. This is just a matter of timing, my mood, and the activity. Sometimes, there are hours within minutes and both mood and perspective are shifted, and that is magical. This past Saturday, that's just what it was like.

After working around the house for a few hours, my husband and I set out for a walk around Jamaica pond. It was a beautiful spring-like afternoon. No hats! No gloves! AND, it was also 3:00 and the sun was still high in the sky (*raises hands in silent cheer*). 

There were all sorts of people out and about enjoying this slice of warm weather. As with any outing I am on these days, we stopped often to take pictures. I stepped close to photograph the ducks, when they got spooked and took flight. I only had my cell phone, so did not expect to catch the event, but I did. (Magical mood shifter!)

This guy stayed put, brave soul.

The next stop was the Top of the Pru 
(Prudential Center) to watch the sunset!

We stayed around to watch the city lights come to life.

Five hours, a walk around the pond, capturing some birds taking flight, watching the sunset from the 52nd floor of the Pru, and seeing the city below come alive. It felt like I had been away for a week. Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes to lift my mood, sometimes it takes a few hours to reset my perspective, and sometimes there are minutes within hours and hours within minutes where both mood and perspective are shifted.


  1. Thank you for sharing. Your pictures transported me to the lovely city of Boston. It was a welcome lift for my spirits and my mood.

  2. Beautiful pics...and how right you are sometimes the simple things turn out to be the best things!

  3. Ah, Boston - one of my favorite cities. The photographs are stunning, and I loved the way you used hem to frame the slice.

  4. You had me at Jamaica Pond -- I live in Newton. It is important to remember we need to take a break and reenergize ourselves. We can get in a rut and just dig ourselves deeper. I loved how you captured it in pictures! Thanks

    1. Thank you! Love our local spots for moments like these.

  5. Beautiful pictures! They are certainly mood changers, especially in "real time."