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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

First Line Book Hooks with Storybird

"Storybird meet the fifth graders."

"Fifth graders meet Storybird."

And here a great relationship was formed.

After introducing Storybird to the second graders (see the post, O Pioneers!), I decided to see how I might integrate the tool into the fifth grade curriculum.   I created an assignment - to write a first line book hook for one of the pieces of art. The assignment had to be short because this thirty minute lesson needed to include how to access Storybird, how to log in, followed by a quick tour of the tool. I created a class with 30 students. I named each student the same but added the number of a laptop. I created a generic password. The students login with the same username plus the number laptop they are on and then use the same generic password. 

How much did the students like using Storybird? They were completely engaged. Many begged not to have to browse and borrow to keep working longer. There is so little space within the current ELA Curriculum for creative writing that it was as if a dam had been let lose.  The students did not want to stop, they were committed to their stories. Most students asked if they could continue their stories the next week.

Check out these first line book hooks:

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