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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Assessing the Book Trailer Project

I delivered the 5th grade book trailer assessment on Friday. Almost as important as what they had to say is the fact that they said it. As with almost all aspects of this project, they took this task seriously. You will find many articulate and honest answers. I have posted the graphics for the results of the yes/no answers first.  The other feedback follows. There is a lot to digest here.  I love being a teacher who learns and a learner who teaches.

(We ran out of class time and I had to publish a few of the book trailers.)

What did you learn?
The fact that thirty-seven students responded,"I learned how to use Animoto!" and eight students responded, "I do not know." are indicators that I need to work harder at articulating the essential learning for the unit. Nine students responded, "I learned how to find and cite copyright friendly images." and sixteen students responded,"I would say I learned how to make book trailers." 

The problem with leaving this question open ended is that there is a range of answers. Next year, I may supply a series of answers and have the students rank them. There are many here, you might want to get a cup of tea first.

"I learned to really feel the book and create something that matches the mood."

"I learned that you can do many things with one book."

"I would say I learned how to use the computer in new ways."

"I would say that I learned how to better understand the access of creativity on the Internet."

"I would say I learned a lot about computers, stuff I thought I could not do." 

"I learned about different types of books that people had that I didn't even know about

"I learned that you can do a lot of stuff by yourself."

"I tell them about how I learned to make and create a video, and how to make it with a friend."

"I would say that I learned to only cover the important parts of the book and that it was SOOO much fun!!!!!" 

"I leaned how to be safe on the Internet and also I learned how to find music and pictures on the computer. And I learned how to make a folder."

"That you need team work and in projects you need to get it done quickly."

"I would say that I learned how to create fun ways to create book trailer for a book I enjoy and how to use a computer more clearly. 
I learned how to make an Animoto movie and how to get pictures from creative commons.
I learned how to story board a picture book,and search images on Creative Commons."

"I would say I learned how to search creative commons for pictures."

"That it's really fun to advertise a book, especially one you have read before and are familiar with."


"I learned about many new ways to use technology."

"how to make book trailers and site your sources"

"I learned how to get good pictures for projects" 

"teamwork is so important"

"I learned how to find legal pictures and find themes that fit."

"How to use a computer better."

"I learned that you can't judge a book by its cover."

"that working with people can be hard when you have different ideas"

"I learned that many picture books have a deeper message that can relate to almost everyone."

"I learnt that even a book created for below your age can be comically wonderful and relate to you."

"I would say that I learned how to make an Animoto and how to give a preview of a book without giving away the entire plot."

"I learned a little bit about the book award procedures and Animoto technology." 

"I learned that books are more than they seem and that a book has much more meaning to it."

Are there steps that were not clear or that you would like to review?
Seventy students responded, "No," to this question.  There were some very independent workers in the library, but I think the responses below are more indicative of the group as a whole. I have grouped the responses by topic.

Four students asked to review how to take a screen shot of the citations. I don't believe I included this step in the infographic instructions, so will remedy that! Another small thing is that the the right click on a Mac - the control/click is tricky for some. 
Seventeen students responded that they had problems either downloading the pictures or citing sources.

"I think that it may have been helpful to remind students to do citations a bit more, because it was easy to forget."

"I thought all the steps were pretty clear but citations were easy to forget."

General comments:

"I would like to review how to get the pictures into creative commons and into the folder."

"Not really. During the project we had a bit of trouble because we had to find our pictures again, but once we reviewed how to do it was fine, and I still remember the steps."

"At the beginning, I didn't understand that we had to take a screen shot of the credits page, but other than that we were fine!"

"Maybe some of the directions were hard to understand."

"No, I thought you went through the steps easily and clearly."

"I think it was all really well explained."

"No, I would actually like to do this again this year, an with the same group if possible 
It would be easier if a person in my group would contribute and quaperatete. Make sure that we fallow the rubric. (We made citations but did not put them in the Animoto)."

What was your favorite part of the project?

Finding Images
Twenty-three students responded that their favorite part of the project was finding images.

"Getting the pictures off of flikers because you got to see different things."

"My favorite part of this project was when we were looking for pictures to put on my Animoto."

"Finding appropriate pictures to match the theme of project we were doing."

Creating Book trailers 
Thirty students responded that they most enjoyed creating the book trailers - choosing the themes, music, order of the images, and captions. 

"I enjoyed putting together the Animoto and putting the finishing touches on it.  Like changing music, changing the theme, and previewing it."

"Making the Animoto videos, choosing the background, song and words." 

"finishing the video and watching how awesome the video is."

"Working with other people and putting it all together."

Watching Book trailers
Twenty-three students responded that their favorite part of the project was watching all the book trailers. Here are a few additional responses.

"Getting to see the finished work."

"My favorite part was when we could find the pictures, and music, and the style (like fireworks) I also enjoyed watching the final products."

"My favorite part was watching the finished copy of the videos and seeing each others hard work shown in these videos."

General comments:
"My favorite part was looking up all the pictures and working with friends to have a great end product and being able to share it with other kids."

"I liked seeing the video when it was all done because Animoto made the effects very cool and I liked how there was a picture with every caption."

"Working with group mates and publishing"

"doing it almost entirely by myself."

"I really liked finding the theme and pictures and I also loved seeing how well it all came together! P.S. Can we do this project again?!"

"Looking over your finished work and watching all of them."

"Having the freedom to make my own video." 

 "I loved doing all of it, but choosing one my favorite part was watching the preview and publishing it."

"watching everyone reactions to mine"

"How different they all were"

After viewing your book trailer, what changes would you make?

"I would make our a little longer"

"I would make a more upbeat song or theme."

"I would use more pictures and less words."

"I would make it a little shorter."

"I would find a better image for numbers."

"I would just make a clearer transition between the tracks and the book title."

"nothing, I was really happy with my book trailer."

"I would change the music."

"I would change the theme."

"Definitely the music, maybe the theme, and add a few more pictures."

"The entire animoto was a bit long, so I would probably shorten it."

"I would maybe change the song."

I've got some work to do for next time! I love being a teacher who learns and a learner who teaches.

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