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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

You'll need a lot of stamps because it's a Special Delivery

It's a Special Delivery
It's book!
It's a Book Birthday, 
for Phil Stead and Matthew Cordell!

Here at Mason-Rice, we were part of a really BIG, really FUN, really EXCITING celebration. 
A package arrived about a week ago. It was extremely hard not to open it right away. let it be said that it is not often that I have to practice such restraint.

Today was finally the day.  Opening day!

We opened the book with much fanfare. We read the book together, for the first time (this never happens - I always read the books before sharing them with students). The students and I shared the plot turns and twists revealed on each page turn. Phil Stead's story and Matthew Cordell's illustrations need to be read again and again. This is indeed a Special Delivery!

After reading the book, we opened the letter. Turns out it was from Phil Stead.

He asked the book's readers to share a time they had received or sent a package or letter in the mail. A few students shared their experiences in our group discussion.
In the other envelope were postcards for the students to share this experience. These postcards needed recipients! We were paired with students from Parma Elementary School in Michigan. 

I will be mailing them off today. We are looking forward to receiving the postcards from the students in Mr. Sharp's and Mrs. Woolworth's classes!

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