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Friday, March 6, 2015


It's a new wolf baby for the bunny family!

Upon finding a little wolf baby on the door, Mr. and Mrs. Bunny become immediately smitten and adopt him into their family. Dot, once the one and only child, is worried. 
It appears as if Dot is the only one to recognize the danger they are all in. New siblings are always an adjustment, but a new sibling that might want to eat you is something else entirely. Even her friends recognize the situation. For each of Dot's complaints, the parents see only joy in the new member of their family. Their complete adoration of Wolfie sends a reaffirming message about families and love. 
Dot might have continued in her misunderstandings (don't all siblings misunderstand each other at some point?) if not for the fateful trip to the grocer to get more carrots. Sometimes we don't know what we have or how much we love someone until someone else helps us see it.

Ame Dyckman's funny and heartfelt story of sibling relationships is rendered beautifully by Zachariah OHora. A forward looking retro style adds to the universality of the story. When Dot says that Wolfie follows her everywhere, OHora shows an exasperated Dot in the bathroom with company she'd rather not have. 

OHora's depiction of a scowling Dot is one of my favorites in the book. Who knew that bunnies could scowl?

Watch out for bunnies in red hoodies.

My first graders recently had a visit with Ame Dyckman via Skype.  Her enthusiasm is infectious! Hearing Ame read her book was an added bonus to an already wonderful story. 

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