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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fourth Grade Biographers

The fourth grade biography projects are rolling in! 
You can read about the beginning of the project here: Kicking off some new curriculum You can get a glimpse of the project in action here: Sound of Fourth Graders Reading.

After reading their books they used this form to think about their person.

Project Checklist: Have You?
  • Created a Wordle
  • Created a Tagxedo
  • Started a video in Animoto
  • Named your video
  • Found images that help the viewer understand your person?
  • Added text slides that give details or interesting facts about your person?
  • Created a slide that says “A Haiku about….”
  • Typed in your Haiku
  • Added/Uploaded images to support your Haiku
  • Added images that help the viewer to better understand your person
  • Uploaded your Wordle into Animoto
  • Uploaded your Tagxedo into Animoto
  • Found an image of your book cover
  • Uploaded the image into Animoto
  • Cited your sources
  • Previewed your video
  • Checked for spelling and grammar

If you have, then you are finished and should PRODUCE!

Here's what they have produced thus far:

I usually have some form of checklist and this was one instance where I really needed one. This project has taken longer than expected to complete and the checklist would have helped keep the process moving forward more smoothly. In addition, it would have been better to create the Wordle and Tagxedo after starting the Animoto because that process gave the students time to get to know their subjects better.

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