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Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Act of Re-Applying New Found Skills

The fourth graders have spent the last two months engaged in a major project. With a bit of wiggle room in our schedule, I decided to give the students an opportunity to re-apply the skills they had gained during that project. The only parameter was that the product had to relate to literature in some way.  It was thrilling and re-affirming to watch them choose productive parters and set to work using the technology to create a message about a book.  Have a look at their projects:

All the Answers

All the Answers

The Other Side

Beatrix Potter

Box Car Children

The Real Boy

The Great Gilly Hopkins

Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson

Plant a Kiss

They also explored broad topics:



They wrote about their favorite sports figures:

A few students made a movie about their teacher:


  1. What terrific videos! So much fun to see the work of great readers who are also talented movie-makers!