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Thursday, March 5, 2015

"I want to read this book because..."

One super cold and snowy winter has resulted in many more moments to read. I returned to school after our February vacation excited to talk books with the students, but there was a problem: 1 Bookstack + 90 students = an impossible choice. Who should be the first to borrow the books?

I decided to repeat an activity from last year where the students could practice their persuasive writing skills by convincing me they should be the first to check out a book. After book talking some of the books, the students had time to peruse them. If there was a book they wanted to be the first to borrow, they could fill out the Google Form linked on my Webpage.

Here are the books and their comments:
Rain Reign: "I want to read this book because it sounds like an amazing book. Also, I have read many books about the perspective of a kid with a disability. All of those books are my favorite books. Some of them are Wonder and out of my mind. They are amazing and inspiring books that brought me to tears. I think that I would really enjoy this book just as much as I enjoyed those other ones! And I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want to read it!"

Rain Reign: "Because it reminds me of "Out of My Mind," which I really liked. I also just thought it looked cool. The way you described it made it sound really powerful."

Rain Reign: "I want to read this book because it sounds like a book from a new perspective. It's also a book where animals are important. Most books are about people and only people. A book like this sounds like it will keep me interested until the end. Books like that are a rare treasure. I have also just finished the book I have been reading (The Green Glass House). That makes me sad because I don't have a book to look forward to. It is the worst feeling in the world. That's why I really want to read Rain Reign.
P.S. If you don't already have the book The Green Glass House, I suggest you get it. It is an super book!"

Rain Reign: "because reading about struggles normally grabs me."

Rain Reign: "I want to read Rain Reign because I want to see and live in the eyes of someone else and understand the differences between me and someone on the Autism scale. I also want to read it because it looks very interesting and I know how it feels to lose a pet. In all I want to read this book and I think it would be and amazing and interesting experience. I believe I will be hanging on to every word I read. Thank you!"

Rain Reign: "I want to read this book because the story sounds amazing and really interesting I want to feel the depression she feels when she loses her and gets mad at her single dad that let her beloved dog go. I really want to know what happens to the dog and I hope I get to read this book first and if I do get to read it first then i will read it right away and i don't think I will put it down till I finish it."

Rain Reign: "I should get this book because I know I would like this book and I'm about to finish my book and I always have a hard time finding a book so this book must be really good

Rain Reign:  "I would really enjoy reading Rain Reign because I have an incredibly strong passion for reading. I love the feeling of being absorbed in a book, forgetting my present life. I am fascinated by the author's use of words; how they can suck you in and never let you go. In Rain Reign, Rose interests me. We both love words and utilizing them. I want to learn more about how Rose and her dog are resilient in their life. I would be incredibly happy if I could experience the world of Rain Reign."

 Rain Reign "I like sad books. I find them really touching. I've read "Wonder", "Out of My Mind", "Because of Mr. Terrupt", "As Small as an Elephant", and more! I love them!!!!!!!!!! Please let me read "Rain Reign" soon! I'm SO excited!!!!"

Rain Reign:  "Because I love to read books and this book really caught my eye. And it looks totally amazing!"

Rain Reign: "I would love to read this book because I would love to learn about people with disabilities like Aspergers Syndrome. Also, I love dogs and think I will really connect with the characters in this book. Books that have emotion and sadness really touch my heart. I have read other books with people with disabilities like "Out of my Mind" and "Wonder", and I have completely  adored them. Lastly,  I have many friends who have similar book taste to me and they loved it.  I think I would enjoy  the book reign, rain."

The Island of Dr. Libris: "I would like to read this book because one day i didn't have anything to read and ms read put the first book of the series in my hand and it was just amazing i couldn't put it down i read in just one day the mysteries were great the characters were phenomenal i just really wish i could read the second and i hope it will be as good as the first and plus i am running out of books to read and this would be a perfect series to get in to and i wont put it down some people read a little and put it down i wouldn't do that so give me a chance and let me read it! and I wont let you down."

The Island of Dr. Libris: "I want to read The Island of Dr. Libris because I have already read the first book, Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library. It really showed me how smart you are about choosing books. It also was a great book and I loved it. It showed me the power of the library and books to others and myself. It would make my day if you let me read this book."

The Island of Dr. Libris: " I want to read the book for many reasons, one reason is because of the other book, "Mr. Lemoncello's library" I loved it so much that i made my mom read it please let me have it."

The Island of Dr. Libris: "I should get this book first because the first one was so captivating and I would like to be that captivated again."

The Island of Dr. Libris:"I want to read this book because I really enjoyed the first book so I really want to read this book."

The Island of Dr. Libris: "I read the first one and want to read the next."

Circus Mirandus: "It reminded me of "The Name of This Book is Secret" and I also thought it looked really cool."

Circus Mirandus: "It sounds really good and the kind of book I like, when you rent out this book can I have it first PLEASE!"  

Circus Mirandus:  "because writing about traveling to new worlds makes an interesting book."

Circus Mirandus: "I want to read this book because I've always been interested in circuses, but I've never really learned much about them, and also because I love magic."

The Great Greene Heist: "I love fast moving books with complicated plots, and it has to do with mischievous plans which i like to read read about. Also i read books where the main characters are smart and mischievous."
Revolution: "I want to read this book because I have always looked for a civil rights book that is a novel and I am really interested in this topic and would love to read this book. also when i flipped through the pages and read the first page and it seemed really interesting."

Revolution:  "because I want to learn more about my baby sitter and what she had to go through to get here. If it wasn't for civil rights I wouldn't have her today and I love her."

The Night Gardner: "I read a lot of scary books, and this one sounds creepy enough. it sounds like there will be some mystery mixed with adventure, which I like to read."

The Night Gardner: "I want to read this book because I like spine tingling books."

Honey: "I read all of the other Sarah weeks books and fell in love with them and Lindsay my friend read it and recommended it to me and said it was the best book ever and hopes that I get the chance to read it."

Honey: "Its looks cute and funny and also you (Ms. Reed) said it was a page turner.  Please give this book to me last;)"

Echo: "Because Echo sounds very mysterious and I love mystery! also, I like to try to solve the mystery before the character does, I feel smart and AWESOME! I really love epilogues in books, so the book kind of has an epilogue in it, because it is five years later than when Otto met the three sisters."    

Echo: "I want to read this book, because it seems very inspiring. Also, I have read a lot of books like this. I have enjoyed all of them, so I know that I would enjoy this book. To conclude this, I would love it if you chose me to check out this book first."

Jack: "I want to read this book because i need a good book to read at school."

The Red Pencil: "Because it sounds great and really inspiring and I haven't read a book like that for ages."

The Red Pencil: "I want to read the Red Pencil because the Civil war was something that i was really interested last year and I would love to learn more about that!"

The Red Pencil: "I want to read this book mainly for three reasons: one, I love writing, and I want to read about how a pencil and a piece of paper can change a person's life; two, I want to learn about how life is for girls who grow up in Africa; and three, I want to learn about things that can help people, girls especially, in Africa."

Courage for Beginners: "It sounded a lot like All the Answers (Because of the parents and the way she reacts.) and I really liked it. It also looked really cool."

Courage for Beginners:  "I want to read this book because one, I can connect with Mysti; my grandfathers in the hospital, and her fathers in the hospital; and two, I think reading a book called "Courage for Beginners" because I need a little help finding my courage."

Flying the Dragon "I want to read this book because it reminds me of where I came from. I also want to read it because I have some similarities with the boy Skye. I have been taught how to speak Chinese but don't rarely use it. Same as Skye which he learned about his Japanese heritage, and got taught Japanese, but rarely use it. I also really love the story on the back of the book. So please, I really really want to read it."

Flying the Dragon: "I think it will be a very go book to read. The cover really made me want to read it, the illustrations where really great."

How did I decide?
I printed out the last two columns in the Google Form - the ones that showed the title of the book and the students' persuasive writing (not their names).

I read through them. I had the principal read through them. We chose our top entry for each book.
I went back to the original form and marked it with the students names.
I will be delivering them tomorrow!


  1. How fabulous! I've often struggled myself with how to determine which student should get the book first. It seems so unfair that eighth period always has last pick. This is so innovative and I love that it's tied right into the ELA curriculum. I'll be trying something like this soon. Thank you so much for sharing.