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Saturday, March 14, 2015

First Grade Biographers Reflect

The first graders had a chance to watch their biography project slide shows this week (the slide shows are at the bottom of this post). You can read about the project here: First Grade Biographers.

After watching the slide show each class reflected on the completed projects; we followed the one compliment and one suggestion rule.

The students shared things like:

"I like the way each person's picture was different."

"We should have been quieter when recording."

"We should have a recording studio."

"I couldn't hear everyone as well, some people need to speak louder."

'I liked learning about the different people."

"We did a good job of speaking slowly."

"We could have shared more information."

I put out to pieces of paper for them to further reflect on the process.
Please share what you learned during this project:

 Please share what you liked about this project:

More of their comments:

Here are the biography project slide shows. Tell us what you think!
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  1. I am very proud of the students of Room #3 for all of their hard work researching about People Who Make a Difference in the library. I enjoyed looking at your pictures and listening to your comments. A job well done.

    xoxo Mrs. Flynn

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