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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Connecting the Dots

Get Connected!  

International Dot Day is September 15th-ish.

Join in this celebration of creativity and courage,
inspired by 
as children across the globe are empowered to
"Make their Mark."
There are #DotDay projects going on around the country and across the globe.  Check out FableVision's International Dot Day Webpage for exciting and fun ideas. 

Here's how I celebrated International Dot Day with my students last year:
Fourth and Fifth Grade -- Readers are Thinkers
Third Grade -- Dot Thoughts
Second Grade -- A Dot-ty Celebration
First Grade -- Connecting the Dots

As for this year, I'm thinking about a mash up between "Inspiring Dot Thoughts" and "Dot Heard 'Round the World" -- possibly having my fifth grade students write and illustrate notes about a Dot-ish experience they have had and then send these notes to other children elsewhere on the globe. I haven't figured out where yet...
How are you going to connect the dots?

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