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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Love This Fine, Fine Author

Sharon Creech, amazing author and all around wonderful person is visiting our fine, fine school this week! I am beyond excited...as are the classroom teachers...as are the students. 

This. Is. Big. Stuff. 

as Mary Lou would say, "Alpha and Omega, this is substantial sum and substance!"

OR...as Lizzie might say, "Well, Lar-de-dar-dar! Can you believe it? That fine, fine author, Sharon Creech is coming to visit our fine, fine school."

The signs have been hung.

The invitations have been sent.

The notices have gone home in backpacks.

The book orders have been placed.

Her new Website is being visited.

Books are being read!

This fine, fine school is very excited!

What a way to begin!  Mind you, we are only on day 10 of our school year.  Where shall I go from here?

I know!  I'll start a virtual book group with my school librarian colleague, Mr. Schu (you can see, us below with Sharon and another school librarian colleague).  Over the course of the year, students in our two schools will read and discuss three of her books.  Stay tuned!

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