"I have always imagined that Paradise will be some kind of library." ~ Jorge Luis Borges

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Loved the Visit from That Fine, Fine Author

September 21

I tried.
Can't do it.
Brain's empty.
This is exactly how I felt yesterday, September 21st, the day Sharon Creech visited my school. 

Like Jack in Love That Dog, I tried, but couldn't do it.
I write to reflect, but found there were no words yesterday.  I thought of these lines.  You have to admit, the timing is eerie.

I was and am desperate to write now, but weekend obligations keep me from my writing, so, for the moment, I share a few photos and remind myself that there is always tomorrow...night, there is always tomorrow night.

Like a maestro, Sharon Creech created a symphony of story.

I loved watching my students faces and seeing their reactions.
...especially the one leaning forward in her seat.
...and seeing them eagerly raise their hands.

So, since I don't have the time to really write, I created a book spine poem!

Absolutely Normal Chaos

Hate That Cat
Fishing in the Air
Chasing Redbird
The Unfinished Angel

Love That Dog
Ruby Holler

The Great Unexpected
Granny Torelli Makes Soup

A Fine, Fine School
The Castle Corona.