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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Wherein 5th graders impart their knowledge about browsing and borrowing routines

The fifth graders are taking on a leadership role by using their knowledge of browsing and borrowing routines to create videos for the lower grader students. The project has taken three weeks: brainstorming and planning, filming, and editing. Below are a few of the finished projects. I am incredibly impressed by their understanding of how to communicate a message. I have shown the these and the other videos to the second graders and they have been both engaged and informed. You can listen to their comments below as well.

Following the videos are examples of student work during the process as well as ways that the three classes of fifth grade work was organized. 

Second graders share what they learned:

How did this project progress?

First: the students worked in table groups to share what they knew about browsing and borrowing. 

Second: They planned their skits

Third: They filmed their skits

Fourth: They created their iMovie projects

I used this table to keep track

The fifth graders will watch their videos and evaluate their own this week. Stay tuned!

Library Teacher friends, as always, if you see something here you want to replicate, please do, and let me know how you have improved any steps!

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