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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Introducing the Wonder Wall: First graders practice inquiry

The first graders are learning about the library neighborhoods. Back in kindergarten, they learned about the "Wonder Wall," the nonfiction neighborhood, by drawing pictures of their wondering topics. They repeated this activity this week, but added any words or descriptors that they wanted.  They have shown incredible growth in their ability to communicate an idea. 

We had much fun, somewhat chaotic at times, finding books along the Wonder Wall to help answer their questions. I love this early introduction to inquiry. Check out what these first graders want to know:
"How animals live in harsh weather"

This student shared that she wants to be a "naturolgist" when she grows up. Given how much she reads and learns about animals and the natural world, I have no doubt she will be.


I am not sure we can find an answer to this along the Wonder Wall...




This goes with the picture below...

Pearl Harbor




Let the reading and exploring commence!

What are you wondering about?

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