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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Gauging how 5th graders feel: setting the stage for work in a Responsive School Library

The fifth graders took a quick survey about the library last week. You can see the results below. I will be giving them the same survey in June to see if their perception of the library has changed. My hope is that we will see more children feeling that it is a welcoming and safe space as well as a space they would like to visit outside of library classes. 

What will I be doing to change their perceptions?

~~integrating Responsive Classroom (RC) teaching and learning techniques

~~adjusting library classes to look like RC Morning Meeting

~~creating more opportunities for hand-on learning

At the end of the survey, the students described routines in the library. Given what I read (and you can read below), I don't need to remind them about entering the library, choosing dot spots, reading the message, or finding a red star spot along the wonderwall to leave. That means more time to focus on other things! We are already off to a good start with our RC work!

Describe a library routine:

Line up quietly, quickly, and safely when exiting the library.

take care of books and do not rip them

At meeting time, you should always sit on a dot spot. (not outside)

when we come in to the library finding a good dot spot and sitting down quietly.

entering is going to your dot spot and it sounds quiet.

While browsing, you should be careful when putting a book back in the shelf.

getting in line on a star before leaving

During checkout you should be in a straight line waiting to check out your book

it should sound like listening to each other

you should walk into library and sit on the rug quietly and read the morning message

One library routine is browsing and borrowing that should be at a noise level 1-2.

browsing and borrowing should sound like everyone either whispering or using quiet voices and should feel relaxing.

single file line along the non fiction book section at the end of class

Finding a book is calm and quiet and safe.

while you are waiting for your teacher to come get your class, you should be standing on a red star and the noise volume should be at a 1 or a 2 if needed 

going in line should sound quiet and should look straight

When you come in go right to the rug, and read the message. It should be quiet while you read.

Entering the Library Safely and Quietly

Quiet during meeting time

Everybody is supposed talking in a level 1 voice

When you are checking out a book, be quiet in line, and let the "libibarian" check out your books for you.

Browsing and Borrowing,   Quiet Peaceful Calm Happy

Reading the morning message:sit down at the rug quietly read the message, and wait for miss reed to come over

Coming in the room and sitting on the rug should look like finding a good rug spot, it should sound like a level 1 volume, it should like you know what you are doing.

If you take a book and you find another one put the book that you took first back to where you found it.

When I walk in the library door I just think of finding a good learning spot on the rug

You should respectfully pick out a book and if somebody else checked it out before you don't get mad at them.

Browsing and borrowing should be relatively quiet, and when you're in line, wait your turn :)

Meeting time looks like everyone is on the rug. No one should be talking unless your called on. It should feel exciting and welcoming.

Once we are free to brows and borrow a book, I almost always go right to the computer so I can search up a book. Once I think of a book I like, I look it up and if it is in, I look it up to see if I can check it out.

Coming in: You come in quietly, find a dot spot and listen for further directions.

One library routine is going to our dot spots. When we do that we should be quiet and be walking to the rug. We should feel calm.

When entering the library you should calmy enter, find yourself a dot spot and start reading the morning message.

If you feel like you need a break then you can quietly go to the take a break chair and sit and regroup until you are ready to join the rest of the class.

Be respectful of all books and materials in the library

When you browse and borrow you should treat the books with respect.

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