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Thursday, March 10, 2016

WRAD Reflections on the Padlet Wall

The third grade students spent a good deal of time preparing for World Read Aloud Day. They explored the seven strengths and read books with characters that demonstrated those strengths.  On the actual day, they connected with readers, some of whom were authors.

As a way to gauge the impact of this exploration and experience, I asked the students to contribute their voices to a Padlet wall. They could share a suggestion or idea regarding our overall participation in World Read Aloud Day or they could think about the books they were reading or had recently read and identify which, if any, of the seven strengths they saw in the characters. This was the first time this grade level had used Padlet, so we had a brief conversation around digital citizenship as well as how what is posted should be similar to published work in the classroom. I think the students did a wonderful job using this new-to-them communication tool.  

Pretty WRAD, right?

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