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Thursday, March 17, 2016

ReedALOUD: Flora and the Peacocks

Flora's spectacular dance with friendship continues! This time her feathered friends are two peacocks. With Flora and the PeacocksMolly Idle has once again created a visually-stunning and thoughtful exploration of friendship. 

I read the book with my kindergartners who were completely engrossed. Have a look at the book trailer and you'll see why:

I was explaining to the kindergarten students that wordless books exercise our brains in two ways: we become better at visual literacy and reading the pictures as well as growing our capacity of creative and imaginative thinking. Even without this understanding, it's always a cool experience to read a wordless picture book with the students. The silence that falls over the space as they get furthered engrossed in the story and the looks on their faces as the story unveils itself. Wordless books take on a new life in each reader's mind. This was true today. 

Prior to reading the story, I explained how Molly Idle moves her story forward both through the page turn and the flap flip. I explained that I would talk through the first three page turns and help set the stage and then let the art tell the rest of the story. The kindergarten students read the story beautifully and were ready to talk about Flora's tricky experience with the peacocks and about times that they too had had a tricky time in a three-way friendship.  Here is some of their advice:
If fan art is any indication, they love those peacocks!

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