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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Preparing for a visit from Andrea Davis Pinkney: We have learned that...

Andrea Davis Pinkney will be meeting with our fourth and fifth graders next month! We are preparing for her visit by reading her books in whole groups, small groups, and as individuals. The classrooms are also sharing her books as part of their curriculum.

Now that the students have read a few of her books, it's time to learn more about Andrea. Today, the students worked in pairs to explore both her website and the resources on TeachingBooks. 

While exploring these resources the students shared three things they learned, two things they were wondering, and one thing they wanted Andrea to know. The students also shared if they had a "wow" or "aha" moment while exploring the resources.
Things my students have learned about Andrea:

She lives in New York

She grew up outside Washington D.C. in a town called Gaithersburg, Maryland, 

When she was in the seventh grade, her family moved to Wilton, Connecticut, and her mom was a teacher; she taught middle school English.

Two of her books won Caldecott honors

She really cares about the Civil Rights Movement.

Her parents were active during the Civil Rights Movement

She calls herself a product of the civil rights movement. 

She is really energetic

She really pays attention on what is happening in our country and other countries.

She is a New York Times Bestseller

Andrea Davis Pinkney and Brian Pinkney make books together

She works as a team with her husband to make books. 

She and Brian have published more than 50 children's books

She starred in a talk show

Her book Red Pencil was a  New York Times Editors’ Pick.

She's won a lot of awards.

She has two children.

She won the George Arents Award . 

She wrote "The Red Pencil" and "Raven in a Dove House"

She wrote 32 books

She uses her own experiences as inspiration. She writes through her characters. 

She has the Medgar Evers College Lifetime Achievement Award.

I did not know that she had written so many books and I did not realize how many of them were about African American history. I also learned that she and her husband make an author-illustrator team.

She has a husband named Brian who she collaborates with. Also she has won The Adams prize which recognizes individuals who overcome learning struggles. 

She is a publishing executive. 

ADP and her husband have both won a lot of awards for their illustrations and books. ADP also writes many black history books. ADP has also written 32 books!

We have learned that a lot of her books is from her wondering things and they are basically  about real life things and that some of them are about real people like Marten Luther King. 

She wrote Sit-In: How Four Friends Stood Up by Sitting Down.

She was named one of the most influential black women in business. 

Another achievement is that she won lots of awards for The Red Pencil. 

The last achievement is that she was a big influence in many kids lives.

We learned that Andrea Davis Pinkney got a lot of awards from writing non-fiction picture books. 

Also, we learned that she mostly writes her picture books on black history. 

1). gets some book ideas from questions   2). writes non fiction or realistic fiction.  3). Husband illiterates her books.  

She wrote the book called ""With the Might of Angels"" in the Dear America series."

She has been in magazines 

She is the best selling award winning author 

She has written many different genres 

Brian's father is a Caldecott Medal winning illustrator.

She can't make sense of war.

She is an editor and an author

Andrea and her books have won almost 100 awards

That's quite a bit of knowledge they gained today! To see what they are wondering about Andrea Davis Pinkney and her work read this blog post. To read the things they want to share with Andrea, click here

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